Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to our Blog (logue?)

Welcome to the D&D Adventurelogue, brought to you by Amber D. and Eric D. This is a place for us to bring all of the outdoor aspects of our life together 'under one roof' (or tarp). We hope to share our parks and wilderness travels, outdoor skills, useful information, scientific tidbits, and funny stories. We both have a long history of interest in nature and the outdoors, but together that interest has blossomed into a passion and is now a central focus of our lives together.

Celebrating a Very Early Morning

We've already shared many adventures together, and have many more planned. We wanted a place where our journeys and experiences could come to life for others. We'd like to share our love of outdoor activity with as many people as possible, since we believe that it is the only way a person can truly appreciate (and thus protect) nature. In a similar fashion, you can gain new respect for yourself and your body by participating in activities such as hiking, climbing, jogging, cross-country skiing, backpacking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, and even training at the gym.

Over time this blog will include: editorials, trip reports, event information, backpacking/camping recipes, movie synopsis, gear reviews, hidden spots, and whatever else we can dream up. There may even be an occasional indoor adventure! We hope this blog brings inspiration, information, and education and we hope you enjoy!

Your Friends,
Eric and Amber

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