Friday, August 15, 2008

Sierra Summer - 'Live Blog'


We are headed up to the mountains for a week to squeeze in some fun before the summer's up and work and school start going full-tilt again for the two of us. We have some pretty ambitious plans and have spent a lot of time prepping in the evenings recently for this ridiculous camping trip.

We'll be visiting Bear Valley for their Adventure Sports Festival, then heading for a major hike to Tower Peak. After that we will step it down a notch and spend time rock climbing and relaxing somewhere in Yosemite National Park (midweek of course!). After that who knows? Not very much is set in stone besides campin', adventurin' and chowin' down on all the yummy camp food we've thrown together.

So the big announcement is we'll be 'live blogging' and posting updates during the trip as much as possible. We may even be able to upload a few pictures during the trip! Please tune in throughout the week to find out what we've been up to!

Here's a couple pictures to whet your appetite:

Yosemite Valley

View of Yosemite high country in winter (including Tower Peak in right side, extremely distant)

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