Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Consumnes Topropes with the D.O.A.

Action Report - Climbing at Consumnes River Gorge
Placerville, California
November 8, 2008

Amber starting Popcorn (5.6/5.7)

On Saturday, November 8th, we headed up to the Consumes River Gorge near Placerville, for a day of toprope fun. There was a threat of rain in the air, so we worked to get as much in by just setting topropes and working around the main area. We met up with some of the D.O.A. as well as some of the usual suspects such as squishy and a_reqieum.

Consumnes is a popular winter crag as it seems to be too hot in the summer, but is low enough to stay climbable most of the winter. Many other parties were on the adjacent routes and it was a day of share and share alike! Amber climbed a nice 5.7 crack and another route called "Popcorn". She performed really well, even though she had a bit of a sniffle.

The short, fun hand crack of pleasure!

Kenneth and I worked up this 5.8 hand crack he eyed on the Great Flake, and we climbed it handily once we figured out the bouldery start. Several others climbed it later. After that I worked on two of the harder routes I've tried. I was able to climb them both, but had to hangdog before finishing.

Test Piece (5.8) is a fairly straightforward lieback, but it takes a lot of energy. Dinkum (5.9) was my favorite. It has a substantial finger-crack section that is strenuous but fun. The feet give out in the middle, so you have to be fully prepared to crack-climb. The trouble I had with both climbs came in sections where there was a large chunky hole in the climb that required a shift in technique. I'll be more preared for that in the future. Maybe one day I can climb it blindfolded like Nat.

D.O.A. Porn Stars on a trad climbing adventure

After the climbs we headed to D.O.A. Headquarters for pizza, wine, and a racous screening of Team America: World Police. We were just in time too. No sooner did we load up the cars than it started to pour! A highly successful day of climbing, too bad I was sore for 4 days! Check out the photo gallery for a lot more action!

Photo Gallery:
Consumnes River Gorge


Shenoa said...

I've had my eye on going to this place, so count me in for the next trip!

Eric said...

You'd really like it! When do we go?