Monday, March 9, 2009

swoosh swoosh swoosh WOOSH!

Greetings Blogworld!

Things have been crazy around here. We last wrote about our snowcamping experience on a beautiful but frigid moonlit night on the snowy white flanks of Mount Shasta. The storm that had blown through the week before kicked off a near-non-stop barrage of pacific storms that have more than tempted us to go and enjoy the deepening snowpack.

So we've been running around doing this and that, keeping the laundry and the food runs ahead of the calendar so we can bug out for long day trips and 'vedge' out the next. This month is a little smoother sailing. But there are still more snowdates to come, and despite this high looming over us right now, hopefully a few more storms.

So don't worry, there is a lot of things in the works. Some test footage from a new camera. Tales of triumph and tribulation. Nutritious, delicious snow, and more. We'll slap some cool posts together in the coming days and and over the next few weeks as our winter hopefully produces another good run before it gives way to spring and skiing gives way to more hiking and climbing...

For now, here's a shakycam xc skiing video tidbit:

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Katie said...

I'm soo jealous! I love the sound of snow crunching underneath feet. My husband and I used to go snowboarding every year ... sad we missed this year!