Thursday, September 11, 2008

Movie Review - Top 20 Classic Boulder Problems of North America

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Eric and I recently purchased the movie, "The Top 20 Classic Boulder Problems of North America." This movie was amazing. It was filmed all over the country, and gives the audience a glimpse into the appeal of bouldering. This film featured all women climbers which was especially nice, because so many other climbing movies maybe feature one or two women tops.

The makers of this film asked 500 climbers from all over the country what they thought the most classic routes are, as far as bouldering is concerned. From that list they took the 20 most popular routes, and filmed them being done. I liked the interviews they did with the climbers, because they asked most of them, why they climbed. It was great to see how many of them couldn't even answer the question, because they didn't quite know the answer.

Hearing the stories about the history of the climbers was great, because it made me appreciate their efforts even more. One of the things that I didn't like about the movie though, was that some of the routes weren't featured completely. They would show the climber topping out, but not starting the climb, and that got a little frustrating. I understand the editing process pretty well, and I'm sure some climbs got cut for time, but it was still kinda lame.

Other than that this movie was inspiring, and motivated me to climb harder. Women who boulder have so much passion for what they do, and it's amazing to see them in their element. I would recommend this film for anyone who needs a little inspiration, especially if you are trying to accomplish set goals.

The Problems:
  1. Midnight Lightning (V8), Camp 4, Yosemite NP, CA
  2. Nobody Here Gets Out Alive (V2), Hueco Tanks, TX
  3. Mushroom Roof (V8), North Mountain, Hueco Tanks, TX
  4. White Rastafarian (V3), Joshua Tree NP, CA
  5. The Orb (V8), Rocktown, GA
  6. Worm World (V9), Squamish, BC CA
  7. Dragonfly (V5), Hueco Tanks, TX
  8. Checkerboard (V7), Buttermilks, Bishop, CA
  9. Ironman Traverse (V4), Buttermilks, Bishop, CA
  10. Baba Hari Dass (V7), Squamish, BC CA
  11. Anorexic (V5), Priest Draw, Flagstaff, AZ
  12. Pinch Overhang (V7), Horsetooth Reservoir, Ft. Collins, CO
  13. Bumboy (V4), Horsepens 40, Steele, Alabama
  14. The Pearl (V4), Red Rocks, NV
  15. Jedi Mind Tricks (V3), Bishop, CA
  16. The Buddah (V7), New Paltz, NY
  17. Cutting Edge (V4), Squamish, BC CA
  18. Tommy's Arete (V7), RMNP, CO
  19. Twisted (V4), Little Cottonwood Canyon, Alta, UT
  20. Ju (V6), Ibex, UT

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